Four Steps to Sane Parenting

I have something fun to share! Ready?

I'm teaching another round of Sanity School Live this October!

 Last February, I became certified to teach Impact ADHD's Sanity School Live. Those who know me well are aware of my drive to learn new things…constantly.. In our school district we often talk about life-long learners. I'm a little over the top at times, taking on new projects and coursework like some drink water, but this program speaks to so many of the questions and woe that parents of complex kids express. Calmer, more confident parenting is somewhat of a golden ticket for many of us. "How do we stop the insanity?"

Knowing my tendency to say "yes" to exciting new things, I have made it a practice to step back at LEAST once a quarter and reflect on all of the opportunities to grow and learn that lay before me. I am only one brain. I can only absorb so many things with the level that the topics both require and deserve. This means some things are hard to say "no" to and putting juicy new topics on hold can require self-discipline and work. So when I said yes to Sanity School, it was definitely something that I committed to  - investing both my time and money. What I came away with was so much more than fresh content. The connections made have enriched me personally and professionally, and I am so excited to share this program with my community! 

For my readers, I thought it might be helpful for you to also hear my "why". You all know that raising differently wired humans is my happy place. They are turning out to be pretty solid young adults so far, but no one is done cooking just yet. Many of the concepts that we have used in my household resonate with the content of Sanity School.

Learning how to target your focus or “take aim” is a big piece of the program - providing a pathway for parents to begin passing that baton of responsibilities and advocacy to their child and letting them fly. I see it over and over again on all of the parent-heavy forums that I subscribe to, and many of them are not just for parents of kiddos with complexities or ADHD.

Passing the baton is a real struggle for today's parent. What many do not realize is how liberating and rewarding it is to foster a relationship that can offer your child an opportunity for this level of growth. Sanity School unfolds a model for figuring out the teachable moments in the journey, and putting it into practice is so much easier when you have the support of others in your midst.

What I love about this program more than anything is its invitation to re-imagine the possibilities - and the bonus is that the techniques can be translated into every area of your life. Sanity School offers this to its target parent and teacher audiences in a warm cocoon of support and at a time when many attendees are drawn to the content out of crisis or frustration. That shifts feel more like a gentle hug. Who wouldn't want that when the world feels upside down?

If you know of anyone in the Cville area that might be looking for a fresh take on parenting, the coach approach may be for them. I’d love to see them in class! Don’t be shy - spread the news.

Stay tuned on my resources page for all upcoming classes in the Ville.  For live classes in Cville, plug into