Chapter Chicken

Life is REALLY great right now! I'm working with amazing clients. We just recovered from an amazing family vacation in the southwestern area of the US. We are sending #2 child (aka Bling) off to college in T-13 days. #3 child (aka the Professor) is less than 30 days from obtaining his driver's license. And despite scheduling time to write an article for a journal, success has eluded me for several weeks now.

WHAT?!?! A coach struggles to meet deadlines too? Yep. The truth is, we ALL struggle with

deadlines, projects, and tasks from time to time. Self doubt and a little of my own negative self-talk definitely paralyzed me during this process. "Who was I to think I could write for a journal? Was I good enough? Why was this so hard when I find writing so easy?" Even as I write this, the inner coach in me is full of challenging questions - "What about that statement do you know to be true?"

A new client of mine coined the subtle are of negotiating extensions as "chapter chicken" as she described her own struggles to meet a publication deadline, asking for extension after extension as procrastination got the best of her. After that one session, she came back the next week to announce the article was submitted and met the deadline. Mission accomplished. Sometimes, your clients provide you a kernel of truth that hits you right in your own gut. Was I practicing this intellectual version of chicken? Yes. Yes I was.

"So, dear coach, what should I do?" Well, I found myself a writing coach...and then I shared my struggles with my favorite cheerleaders. Yes, I outed myself in a moment of complete vulnerability. I know I can write, but for some reason I had words on paper that looked like a manifesto to executive function and couldn't even rouse my own skills in the area of goal-driven organization. I was stuck in the muck.

Like many who come to coaching, I needed a little perspective to get back on track. Luckily, within 1 week of working with my own coach, I had unleashed the power to wrangle my work into something respectable. She was incredibly supportive and her feedback was invaluable. Additionally, my cheering squad was 100% behind me. Who could fail with supportive statements like this: "You are the smartest woman I know. This is cake for you." Sometimes, the best affirmations come from the people who support you. Especially when you aren't presently in that camp with them.

The one question that I was left to ask was "Why didn't I do this sooner?"

Lesson learned. Article submitted.