Kate Barrett is the founding coach at Coaching Cville located in Charlottesville, VA.  With over 260 hours of ADHD-specific coach training from ADDCA(ACG), a certified coach through the International Coach Federation(ACC) and a CHADD-Certified Parent 2 Parent Educator. She is currently a member of CHADD, the ADHD Coaches Organization(ACO), the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals(NAPO), and the International Coaching Federation (ICF). A graduate of the University of VA, Kate discovered that there was nothing comparable to prepare her for parenting children with ADHD. It wasn't until her middle child was formally diagnosed at age 10 that the real education began.

Like many parents of ADHD students, Kate struggled to amass a bank of knowledge to help understand and improve her family's home, work, social and educational environments. Since that first diagnosis in 2010, 2 more family members have been diagnosed. Having used coaching techniques in her own family with great success, she knew this was the right path for her professionally. She is passionate about people and the power of coaching.

Kate is focused on helping her clients peel back the layers of crap - from the negative stories we tell ourselves to the beliefs that may not be serving us well. With a greater understanding of themselves, shifts in perspective can often lead to opportunities to improve a client's relationship with themselves and the world around them. With that shift comes an opportunity to try on strategies that can serve as lifelong support structures or "tools" for personal success.

Kate partners with her clients to celebrate the wins, uncover true values, discover what is getting in the way, and move forward with a new awareness to reach their most meaningful personal goals.

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With a focus on strengths, learning style and processing preferences, Kate’s clients find a new awareness and perspective is often gained when working with her. She offers clients a supportive, contemplative coaching environment, ADHD education opportunities, and executive function tools tailored to her client's needs. At the heart of her coaching practice is the opportunity for each client to "rewrite their story" through a combination of education, self care, compassion and opening a virtual window to shifting perspectives that serve to move you forward.

Working with parents and students to improve their relationships with each other and themselves is a driving force behind both parent & student coaching at Coaching Cville. This passion extends to couples and entreprenuers seeking greater understanding of themselves and the role they play in the stories they tell.

When not coaching, Kate is happily co-facilitating Tune-In, a local support group for parents of ADHD children and teaching ADHD education programs. Most recently, she was recognized by CHADD as a 2016 Innovative Program of the Year co-recipient for the Parent Partner Coach Programs.


What's "cville"?

Great question! "Cville" is the local nickname for my hometown, Charlottesville, VA. Steeped in early American history and surrounding the University of Virginia, it's a small slice of heaven for many located in Central Virginia.